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The Benefits of a Home Buyers Drain Survey



Benefits of a Home Buyers Drain Survey

Surveyors regularly identify damp proofing and wall tie failure as problems with the properties they survey. Recently another major concern has arisen; the condition of the drainage system of the property. Leaking drains can cause property subsidence, a percentage of homes have fallen victim to this in the past year alone.

A Home Buyers Drain Survey can help you to find any issues with your current house or a house you are looking to buy. Problems in your drains are likely to lead to disruption and cost to the owner. It is recommended that a Home Buyers Drain Survey should be conducted in addition to a survey.

If you are selling a property the drainage survey is often the final report requested by either the buyer or the mortgage company. If the report is not to hand it can cause lengthy delays in the purchase process. On the other hand, if you are buying a property, whether residential or commercial, you need to know the state of the drains. Faults in the drainage system can cause serious issues and catching them before you buy could force the seller to fix them or to drop the price to cover the repairs and the hassle.

There are many benefits to having a Home Buyers Drain Survey. We have complied 7 of the top advantages into an easy to read infographic, below.

Feel free to share on social media, the more people the that know about the benefits the better – you never know you may save family and friends some money!

A link to the full article can be found here: A Home Buyers Drain Survey Infographic

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